Everlane- The Breton Cotton Dress

Today I am sharing a fantastic and exciting new fashion find.

My manager at work, recently put me onto Everlane. An American company leading the way of ethical fashion through radical transparency.

What instantly excited me about Everlane is their stance on transparent pricing and sourcing. They strongly believe that customers have the right to know where their products are being made and how much they cost to make.

This means that each item sold on their website has a breakdown of manufacturing prices including materials, hardware, labour, transportation and duties, so you know exactly how much your new fashion find costs to make. They also provide information on where the specific item has been manufactured, not only naming the country but the actual factory itself.

For example my new Everlane Breton Cotton Dress was made at Specialty Knits Factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and cost $25 USD to make. I purchased it for $60 USD instead of the traditional retail price of $125 USD)

The company prides it self on researching their factories and suppliers thoroughly. Making sure that once a relationship is built the factories are visited often to ensure their integrity. Giving customers the peace of mind that their products are being made ethically.

What’s even more exciting is that the savings do not mean compromise to quality. With Everlane boasting a large variety of elevated basics that won’t break the bank and feel and look fantastic.

I have no doubt that Everlane will quickly become a new favourite online shopping destination for me.

What do you think about Everlane’s radical transparency model? Let me know in the comments below.

You can also check out the Everlane website HERE

Wearing – Everlane Breton Cotton Dress / Nomadic ‘Don’t Cross Me’ Cross Body Bag / Belt: Vintage / Boots: & Other Stories

  • Susana Gonzalez

    Love the dress. Material looks just right for the coming months. And then its ethically correct to boot… gotta be a winner all round Lucy.

  • aprilgee

    I’m thinking of buying this dress and found your blog looking for pictures of it worn by non-stick thin models! I am a similar shape to you so it’s great to see it on you! I think I’ll order one. 🙂