Artist Profile – Amy Wright 

Today I would like to share with you the work of Melbourne Artist Amy Wright who I met several years ago when she was teaching at RMIT University. Amy is one of those multitalented, hardworking folk who I love to stalk on Instagram, as she provides me with endless sources of inspiration on all things art, design,… Read More

Artist Profile – Liz Payne

I swear the first time I saw one of Liz Payne’s artworks my heart started beating a little faster.  I mean really… big, bright patterns in the most amazing array of colours and hand embellishment with yarn, beads and sequins. I was in heaven!  It’s the perfect mix of textiles and art. Share

Artist Profile – Merci Perci

 We haven’t had an Artist Profile on LiLT Blog for quite a while now, so I am so excited to feature the work of Merci Perci as our first artist for 2015. The woman behind the colourful and inspiring Merci Perci artworks is Claire Jackett, who after being made redundant from her job in the fashion industry over… Read More