Lilt Loves – December 2016


So excited for my Lilt Love’s list this month as I found some great goodies and treatments to feature! Make sure you read on to see all of the things I’ve been loving in December and get some great deals while you’re at it!

Lilt Loves – December 2016…


Avène’s new Tolérance Extrême range – This past year, completely out of nowhere I started to notice that my skin had become extremely sensitive. I have been experiencing a lot of sensitivity, irritability and dryness, which not only hasn’t looked great but became quite painful at times. Because of this I’ve been on the look out for a range of skin care to help battle the above symptoms. I recently saw that Avène had released their new Tolérance Extrême range, so I ventured off to Chemist Warehouse to buy some of the treatments to try out. And boy am I glad I did! I’ve been using the cleanser and creme for the past 3 weeks only and my skin has already changed dramatically. It is much more hydrated and causing me way less discomfort in terms of pain and irritability. I definitely recommend the Tolérance Extrême range for anyone with sensitive skin as it has the least amount of ingredients for facial products on the market, which means there is a much smaller chance of anything causing your skin harm and triggering sensitivity.


Threading and perfecting brows at Ottoman 3 – Earlier this month I was invited by the Ottoman 3 team to visit their beautiful Highpoint store for a brow treatment, pamper and make over.  As mentioned above, my recent skin sensitivity means that I haven’t been waxing my eyebrows as often as I usually would because I didn’t want to cause any damage to my skin, specially around the delicate area near my eyes. And that’s the beauty of Ottoman 3, they actually offer threading instead of waxing which means that it is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Regardless of my current condition, I really don’t think I will ever wax my eyebrows again after having threading done. Threading was not only much more gentle and less painful, but it also seems much more precise to me. The brow artists use a cotton thread to accurately measure the eye area as they pluck the hair from the skin which ensures your brows are much more symmetrical, and we all know that symmetrical brows is the key to beautiful brows!

I was also super lucky to have my brows made up by founder of Ottoman 3, Mini Latif who seriously has the dreamiest brows! Together we got to play with some gorgeous products, with my personal favourites being their eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps and the brow bone highlighter to make the brows pop! But they have a great range of other brow products too which you can check out on their online store.

I also have 10 x 20% off online store codes to give away to the first 10 people to comment below! So get commenting! and please make sure you follow the Ottoman 3 team over on Instagram and visit their stores at Highpoint, Melbourne Central or Watergardens to get your brows looking HOT!


Sarah Lightfoot’s adorable Australia Calendar – You might remember Sarah Lightfoot from an interview I did with her on Lilt Blog ages ago (you can read it here). She’s been a busy bee over the past couple of months getting together her much-anticipated yearly calendar.

I have been so excited in the lead up as I’ve been following her paint and draw away over on Instagram.

Sarah has designed this “calm, stress free, Australian themed calendar, so we can all relax after the chaos that was 2016” The calendar is filled with a series of pencil and watercolor paintings of the flora and fauna that make up the Australian landscape. It is A4 in size and printed on 200gsm paper.

I’ve purchased myself one already and you can too at Sarah’s online store for just $25, It’s a lovely way to flick through the new year ahead and you’ll be supporting local talent 😉


Creative Live –  Ok… so ages ago Grange and I purchased a Canon digital SLR and I am ashamed to say that I really haven’t learned how to use it properly. It’s been on auto a fair few shoots (gasp). I know that this is an absolute waste of a great tool and so I signed up for some Creative Live courses. Creative Live is an incredible resource of online courses on all things creative including photography, design, craft, music, business etc.

I chose this website, firstly because it was recommended by a colleague, but also because they do in-depth manual like classes on how to use particular models of camera so you can really get to know they style of camera you have, and how to use it really well.

So far I have signed up for The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners, The Fundamentals of Photography, and how to use the Canon EOS 60D.

Here’s to the photos on Lilt blog getting better! Hooray!

If you’re interested, currently they’re having a sale of up to 40% off, check it out HERE.


The Peach Box After some great quality and affordable jewellery and watches? The Peach Box is where it is at! I was recently gifted some lovely bracelets and I am absolutely in love with them. Not only are they great quality and super stylish, but they also come with little clasps which mean the bangles aren’t swimming around your entire arm. Does anyone else have a problem with this???

Check out their online store, and currently you can receive 15% off your next order if you sign up to their VIP list!

 Hope you all liked this months Lilt Loves list.

I’d love to hear of any cool things you’ve been loving this month, or anything you’d like to find out about for future posts in the comments below!

x Luciana