Wedding Week


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring a little bit of L.O.V.E to Lilt Blog and share some photos from Grange’s and my recent wedding day with you all this week.

Those of you who visit Lilt Blog would know that I am a HUGE advocate for Australian design and small business. My (now) husband Grange, and I both work in creative fields and because of this, we have a passionate appreciation for Australian creatives and businesses. When planning our wedding we wanted  our big day to be an extension of this, and so we chose to, where possible, use reputable Australian suppliers for almost every little detail.

From our special outfits and carefully chosen accessories, to the musicians, photographers and videographers.  Our aim was front and foremost to promote the importance of supporting the Australian industry, especially on a day which was so important to us.
And so I hope that for the next few days you get to enjoy some of the most beautiful photography taken by the inimitable Luke Going, and learn about some amazing Australian designers, performers, and creatives, who came together to pull off what I can only describe (albeit a truly biased), as the perfect Australian wedding.
Photo by Luke Going