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It’s been quite a long time since we last had a Wardrobe Watch post on the blog, which has had more to do with finding worthy and willing volunteers to feature than my love for producing them.

The Wardrobe Watch posts are my absolute favourite to work on. I just love taking photographs of people in their element, playing dress ups and really getting to see them come out of their shells in their own homes.

I feel very lucky to be allowed into what’s usually private space…..into the home & the wardrobe.

So this second half of the year I am going to work extra hard to get some more Wardrobe Watch goodness in front of you.

But I digress…

For today’s Wardrobe Watch post, let me introduce you to the gorgeous Jannah Stevens, who not only is incredibly photogenic (I had way too many great pics to choose from, from this shoot), but this woman has some god-damn great wit. She’s one of the funniest people I know and has had me in stitches on more than one occasion.

Jannah is a talented creative, and half part of soft furnishing duo Charlie and Fenton, which she runs with, business partner Isabel Szendrak.

The label was launched in 2013 and was a way for two friends who met working in the textile industry, to create something new and decidedly different from what was currently on offer in the soft furnishing sector.

With a collective 10 year background in the art, interior design and textile industry, the two designers now offer a range of, bright and bold cushions for the modern home which can be found online here.

Aaaaand….In honour of the return of the Wardrobe Watch posts the ladies at Charlie and Fenton have generously offered to donate not one but TWO of their gorgeous cushions from their latest Marble Lux collection as part of a giveaway.

So for more information on how to win yourself a set of Luna and Impala cushions… and to enter head to Lilt Blog’s Instagram page at @luci_lilt_blog.

I hope you enjoy today’s post as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together! Shooting Jannah was an absolute delight as she has such a friendly, fun spirit! So get to know her a little better and check out our interview below!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. ( ie. What do you do for work? What are your hobbies? What makes you happy/inspires you? )

I am the Designer and co-owner of Charlie & Fenton, we are a new homewares brand specialising in high quality cushions that have been fully designed and made by us right here in Melbourne. I am really inspired by the  colours and textures of nature when I design and in life I take my ques from anyone who has their own unique kind of style and a sense of boldness like Vivien Westwood, Iris Apfel, Anjelica Huston and funny people like Bill Murray my ultimate celeb soul mate. When I am not designing our collections and have some time to myself I like to garden, cook for friends and watch marathon TV shows…that’s pretty much my Sunday all worked out.

What do you love most about your home?

I love its cosiness and eclectic nature! a bit retro a bit quirky and always a bit Jungle…although I must say I am a huge fan of the Scandinavian minimalist Interior look but as hard as I try I just can’t help loving too many beautiful things and feeling like I need to hoard and cram them into every corner of the house, a great interior deserves some level of restraint or direction!

What are your top 5 must have wardrobe items?

1.Stockings/leggings are a must for me, I hate showing skin so as you can imagine Summer is HELL for me!

2.My new Gorman Pencil skirt

3.My embroidered cardigan I got from Monsoon in Ireland

4.Black (in general!) but specifically T-Shirts that are slightly loose and can be worn with patterned pants and skirts…so easy.

5.A little black dress and a tailored coat…that’s 6 but I put it as one, deal with it.

What is your favourite Item in your closet?

Can I say shoes?…it would have to be my shoes! even though they are in a different room, they are my final touch to every outfit…I feel like they are what makes an outfit complete

Tell us about some Australian creatives who inspire you and why?

There are quite a few in the studio space we share actually…its great to come into work and see people hand sewing leather bags like Amanda Kaye handbags and Caves Collect or the effortlessly Cool garments by Djur, all residents at the School House Studios.

Where is your favourite place to shop in Melbourne?

Right now hands down its COS. They are a great price point for me to build up my wardrobe with nice everyday wear and I love how they play with shape and colour rather than ‘super trend patterns’ that you know you wont like in six months!

What is your absolute favourite place in the world?

Its hard…I feel like it’s an even tie between Bed and Ireland…in particular Galway, where I lived for a year and a half a while ago, both magical places to spend your time.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Ohhh, top of the list would be Doe Paoro, Chet Faker, FKA Twiggs (thanks Luciana!)and maybe also The Rumble Strips…Wooo

  • Jayne Branchflower

    What a babe! And that mysterious cat! Love her style!

    • luciana

      Love that Jannah’s cat wanted to be part of the photoshoot 😛

  • Kate Edwards

    What a gorgeous wardrobe selection. This woman and that blue top … just stunning. And I like what you’re saying about leggings … Heck yes. Same same!

    • luciana

      She’s a stunner isn’t she? Had so much fun shooting this post 🙂

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