Wardrobe Watch – Yianni

Yianni x Lilt Blog 05Playing with records. Yianni and I always end up dancing at some stage of the night.

Yianni x Lilt Blog 13The ever-growing wall of decorations

Yianni x Lilt Blog 07Tom Ford, Lanvin & Balenciaga / Lanvin Arpége Pour Homme Cologne

Yianni x Lilt Blog 10Beautiful collection of print samples

Yianni x Lilt Blog 16Vintage T-shirt / Kinki Gerlinki Mens Jacket / Pringle of Scotland Kilt


This year I have set some goals to bring more original and exciting content to the blog, and I am super excited to start with the first post of the new “Wardrobe Watch” column which will take a sneak peek into the wardrobes and homes of some creative and stylish people.

When figuring out who I could ask to feature in these posts, I couldn’t think of anyone more fitting than my very best friend Yianni Giovanoglou (or as I like to call him Yianni Giovanni), to start things off.

I’ve always thought of Yianni as a collector, and his home is a perfect example of this. Filled with kitsch and fascinating little items in every corner, it really is a visual adventure for me every time i visit his home.  Yianni works as a Site Genius and Trend Specialist for New York based trend forecasting service Stylesight and with and extensive background in the fashion industry it is not surprise his wardrobe is a treasure trove of mix and match, vintage and designer goodies (not to mention immaculately ordered and perfectly styled).

So a few weeks ago Yianni let me into his home to take a few snaps, play dress ups and make him do silly things like jump on his bed. Thanks Yianni I had such a fun time!

 I hope you like the new instalment! I’d love to hear your thoughts, and make sure you check out my little interview with Yianni below.


Yianni x Lilt Blog 02Topman Blazer / Vintage Lanvin Shirt / Pierre Cardin Tie

Yianni x Lilt Blog 14I love the little details, like these dried plants over looking the kitchen window.

Yianni x Lilt Blog 06

Retro Glassware & Vogue

Yianni x Lilt Blog 04Lee T-Shirt  / Topman Limited Pants / Socks from FAT / Shoes

Yianni x Lilt Blog 15Yianni’s super organized wardrobe

Yianni x Lilt Blog 01The Butchery New York Hat / Ashish for Topshop Jumper / Bonds Track pants / Socks from FAT


Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I like staying at home mostly. Reading, listening to records, cooking, hosting dinner parties but somehow I’m never home. I do yoga, go op shopping etc.  I work for Stylesight, a New York based global trend forecasting service. There, I make presentations of the site and trends to clients, help with their research and tend to their needs. It’s fun, super informative and I try to always be on the pulse of most things that interest me. Music, film, art, &  fashion.  I’m a big horror film buff & I love blog hunting. Especially music blogs.

What do you love most about your home?
I love how cosy my place is. I’m surrounded by all my favourite things. A collection of books, lamps, plants. It’s my little sanctuary. It’s me.

Favourite Item in your wardrobe?
At the moment it’s my victor and Rolf cheesecloth shirt. It’s so light and perfect for the current heat. Also this vintage Digbys olive-green wool coat (people call it my lord of the rings coat) people have borrowed it for their trips and even offered me money for it.

Who are some of the people who inspire you and why?
hmmmm… I’m inspired by people who work hard, who aren’t afraid to imagine and try new things, who are kind. By people who are confident in their taste no matter how strange. Open minded people.

Where is your favourite place to shop in Melbourne?
I don’t shop very often. I shop when I find something I like. I like op shops for a lot for mixed pieces. I like shopping from vintage stores like Shag and Frocks and Slacks for individual pieces. Then sometimes Topman or American Apparel for basics.

What is your absolute favourite place in the world?
I don’t think I have one. I like being in nature a lot though. Forests, the beach, etc

Any favourite songs?
Favourite songs are really really tough to pick. There’s waaaaaaayyyyyy too many. Maybe Mac Demarco’s “Freaking Out the Neighbourhood” and Laura Welsh’s “Cold Front” which has a fantastic clip too.