Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress

Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 1 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 2 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 3 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 4 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 5 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 6 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 7 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 8 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 9 Carl Kapp Chameleon Dress 10I wouldn’t usually spend this much on a dress! Unfortunately my budget doesn’t really allow for such extravagant purchases…but hey a girl can dream.  I have been invited to a black tie event which is happening soon and it’s got me thinking on what my options are for dressing up for the night.  Given that I don’t often go to black tie events, I’d love to be able to purchase something that I will be able to wear again. And the concept of this Carl Kapp dress really caught my attention.  A dress that can be worn in many different ways is quite appealing! Especially if one is to splurge on the $990 price tag.  The fact that the dress is essentially many different dresses, and that it is  quite classic in its style and colour, means that the dress wont really date and could be worn for years.  That makes the the price a little more justifiable…. No?

Carl Kapp Maxi Chameleon Dress

Designer Profile – Lauren Marinis , Killer Heels

Lauren Marinis Lilt 07Lauren Marinis Lilt 01 Lauren Marinis Lilt 02 Lauren Marinis Lilt 03 Lauren Marinis Lilt 04 Lauren Marinis Lilt 05 Lauren Marinis Lilt 06

Lauren Marinis Lilt 09 Lauren Marinis Lilt 10

I seriously love shoes! Like….Alot! And Yes,I am aware that I am not the only female on this earth who feels this way.  I find it amazing how a pair of shoes can quite dramatically change an outfit, and even more fascinating is how it can make women feel more confident.  I personally think that a staple in every woman’s wardrobe should be a great pair of killer stilettos.  And if you are after a seriously HOT pair of shoes, you need look no further than Melbourne based label Lauren Marinis.  

The label was launched earlier last year by my stylish friend & designer Lauren Marinis.  Lauren has injected her impeccable taste and extreme love of high heels to create what is, in my opinion, an incredibly drool-worthy collection of classic styles, (stilettos, ankle boots and knee boots) in an array of modern colours and patterns.  What I love about her shoes is the real thought and detail that has been put into the silhouettes. They are really quite stunning shapes and the heel on the pumps are serious “not-messing-around-12.5cm heels” that make you feel pretty damn amazing once you’ve got them on.

I’ve already started my love affair with the label and purchased the amazing Gilda Leopard Pump, and Scarlet Ankle Boot, with a few more on the wish-list. You can check out the website and purchase here

Lauren invited me into her home, to have dinner, play with mountains of stilettos and talk all things shoes:

Q&A With Lauren Marinis

What made you start your own shoe label?  Being fortunate enough to travel around the world for past jobs I loved being able to source the globe for the next shoe my wardrobe had to have (not me, my wardrobe!) and I always felt sad that I couldn’t find what I wanted in Australia, my home town. So I thought what better way to put all my industry knowledge to and start my own label. Give people the opportunity to get a great shape, interesting, all leather pump here in Melbourne.

How would you describe your style?  2 years ago I could have summed it up in one word Black. Now my style changes from day to day, depending on my mood, from floating girly dresses to sharp tailored layering, really depends on what side of bed I wake up on!

Why do you think that we as women are so obsessed with shoes?  Personally, I think it’s the one thing we put on that we wear for ourselves. Everyone notices the outfit, face, body shape but shoes don’t judge you.

What do YOU love about shoes?  We have a love/ hate relationship me and my shoes. Their kept all safe and loved in their boxes but by the end of a night out their flung across my bedroom floor being cursed at!

What inspires your shoe design and creative decisions?  It all starts with the leathers, I travel to the most amazing leather markets and I go around with my scissors cutting off swatches that interest me. From there a range is created.  Designing the shape of the shoe is the technical side, it’s all about the finer details so it might be going back a forth with the maker and changing the point or heel shape by millimeters. It’s a process that evolves and can sometime create something very different to what you begun with.

What is your favourite part of the design and production process as a shoe designer?  Receiving the stock! After all the hard work it’s the best feeling to unpack boxes and boxes of shoes and seeing what you have created.

What do you think is the must have item in a woman’s shoe closet?  A classic black suede pump?? Next question!

 Who is your favourite shoe designer?  Nicholas Kirkwood and Costume National their attention to detail, having a pair of their shoes is like a work of art.

Which is your favorite shoe from your collection?  Winter’s coming so I am loving the burgundy suede pumps, they are a staple in my wardrobe and add a touch of colour to a winter outfit.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?  Hahaha nope, lips are sealed!

What next for the label?   Lots of exciting things this year which I can’t reveal yet but the focus will be on taking the brand overseas and expanding the range.

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start his or her own shoe label?   I hate saying it but save, save, save…money makes things a whole lot easier and being open to failure when you do it makes it a whole lot less painful…oh and get a good accountant!


Roses in the Air


I am sitting here on Wednesday night with the beautiful scent of roses in the air, sipping on peach & ginger tea, and finishing off my latest post on shoe designer Lauren Marinis (coming tomorrow).  It’s taken a little longer than expected, as I’ve recently started a new job, and have been keeping myself busy learning the ropes, but it is finally done and ready to post on the blog.  For those of you who have asked about it, thanks for your patience. Check it out tomorrow 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely night – xo Luciana

Diptyque Roses Candle from Mecca Cosmetica

Flat Shoe Love

Wittner Sylvani Shoes Lilt 01 Wittner Sylvani Shoes Lilt 02Finally I found a flat shoe that I love!!!

I often struggle with buying flat shoes.  I find that a lot of them look the same… they’re usually a simple ballet flat and tend to look quite casual no matter what you wear them with.  I tend to end up buying them out of necessity but never really loving them like some of my “killer heels” (another post on that coming soon).

When I saw these Wittner flats a little while ago I instantly fell in “shoe love” and was very lucky to receive them as a Christmas present from my Secret Santa.  The upper front of the shoe comes up higher than what I’m usually used to but I think that is what makes these shoes look a little more interesting, modern and dressy which make them perfect to wear to work when you can’t be bothered wearing heels.  Beautiful AND practical!  Also available in white python and black suede from Wittner.

Wearing : Talulah – Garden Daydream Pants / Wittner – Sylvani Flats

Trend Spotting – Mirrored Lenses

Trend Spotting Mirrored Sunglasses copy copy

Shiny, reflective, mirrored sunglasses are making a big comeback at the moment!  If you’re looking for something a little different from your standard aviator…check out the awesome pink frames by Wildfox or the tortoiseshell frame and reflective lens combo by Spektre.

Below is a selection of Mirrored sunnies!!! you can find plenty more on my pinterest HERE

1. Wildfox – Classic Fox Mirror Frame $179.00 / 2. Ray-Ban – Mirrored Matte Classic Aviator Sunglasses $155.00 / 3. Asos – Mirrored Lens Wayfarer $22.00 / 4. Le Specs – Get Leied Sunglasses $59.95 / 5. Dragon – Remix Sunglasses $189.95 / 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs – Colourful Mirrored Sunglasses $97.00 / 7. Westward Leaning – No 9.2 Colour Revolution $165.00 / 8. Minkpink – Precious Metal Sunglasses $49.95 / 9. Oakley – 004061Deviation Sunglasses $140.00 / 10. Prism – Havana D-Frame Mirrored Sunglasses $410.00 / 11. Spektre – Vitesse Tortoise + Blue Mirrored Ltd.Ed $192.00 / 12. Black Ice – White Frame Reflective Lens Sunglasses $19.95

Photos from: Jak & Jil / The Sartorialist / Le 21ème / Tommy Ton for / Prism / Elle Magazine / Garance Dore

Erdem – Pre Fall 2013

erdem-pre-fall-2013-01 erdem-pre-fall-2013-02 erdem-pre-fall-2013-04 erdem-pre-fall-2013-05 erdem-pre-fall-2013-09 erdem-pre-fall-2013-10 erdem-pre-fall-2013-12 erdem-pre-fall-2013-14 erdem-pre-fall-2013-17 erdem-pre-fall-2013-18 erdem-pre-fall-2013-20

I think most people who are interested in fashion have a handful of designer who they know they can always rely on.  I have a strong top five, which inspire me, surprise me and excite me every single time. Erdem has definitely become one of those designers.  Being a textile designer I am always excited by Erdem’s choices in colour and textures. I find that his custom-designed prints are always bold, happy and full of colour! Even in his more muted collections, there is such a romantic nature to his work.

I’m really interested to see some images of these pieces closer up. Supposedly there is some beautiful leather lacework and silk printed roses which have been cut out into a textural houndstooth pattern. Dreamy!

I read here that Erdem once told that he considers each season “a chapter in the same book.  A love story that would be set in a lush English garden filled with “color, optimism, and oddities.”  

I like that! I really like that!!!

photos thanks to Erdem as seen on

Hearts and Crafts – Les mains d’Hermès

Hearts and Crafts

I’ve been trying to dodge the sweltering 40+ degree heat today, and so I have been sat inside under the aircon.  I decided that I wanted to re-watch the Hermès documentary, because I loved it so much when i fist saw it, and because it inspires me to get off my butt and create beautiful things.

If like me, you are a lover of beauty, and respect craftsmanship, you should definitely watch this documentary. It was made in 2011 and It is 45 minutes that take you into the workshops of Hermes and behind the people who, draw, paint, weld, and stitch their products.

watch it HERE

see ya later!…i’m off to buy frosty fruits 🙂

Happy New Year!!!



Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

I had a great New Year’s Eve.  Grange and I drove down to the beach to bring in the new year with friends.  It was such a fantastic night.  We played volleyball & bocce, ate smoked trout, ate pavlova, drank sangria, played games and danced all night.

 I  hope that you all had a fantastic night on New Year’s Eve too and that 2013 brings you all the things that you dream of!

xo Luciana

Miu Miu S/S 2013

Miu Miu 2013-1 Miu Miu 2013-4 Miu Miu 2013-5 Miu Miu 2013-6 Miu Miu 2013-8 Miu Miu 2013-9 Miu Miu 2013-11 Miu Miu 2013-12 Miu Miu 2013-14 Miu Miu 2013-15

 I am absolutely in love with the latest Miu Miu Campaign for Spring/Summer 2013, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin.  The hair, the furs and that rich scarlet red colour create  a mood that I can only describe as “boudoir elegance” ;).   I also feel like I have to point out the shoes in this collection.  Kitten heels are not usually my preferred shoe shape, but the black little numbers in the last image are so beautiful and lady like that I can imagine them being a classic staple that one would never get sick of. By far one of my favourite Miu Miu campaigns in awhile.

photos from Miu Miu by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Our New Friend – Canon EOS 60D


We have a new friend!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how long I have wanted to own a good quality camera.  A couple of days ago the day finally arrived when Grange and I picked up this baby! The Canon EOS 60D.  So far its taken some awesome random images, but i cannot wait to play with it a bit more, learn some tricks and generate some images for the blog! I have to say a big thanks to Paul Batt for all of his help in figuring out which camera was best for us, he was a huge help!

Hope you’re all enjoying your breaks before New Year!

xo Luciana