The Day-to-Night Top

Last week I wore the A-line skirt  featured in today’s post much more casually, but this week I was wanting to create a dressier outfit that I could wear out during the evening. Enter the Day-to-Night Top … It’s pretty straight forward, the kind of tops that I put under this category are tops that can be worn during the… Read More

The A-Line Skirt

Last week we talked about the humble basic t-shirt. Today I introduced a simple but gorgeous a-line skirt into my wardrobe. One of the items in my dream wardrobe checklist, the a-line skirt is the perfect garment to dress up a t-shirt like I have done here. Share

The Basic T-Shirt

And so the journey begins… Today is day #1 of the #liltblogbacktobasics series and we’re going to talk about the classic, simple, and trusty t-shirt. This unassuming wardrobe basic, can easily be mistaken as merely something to wear with trackies whilst watching movie marathons on a Sunday afternoon, but really it is so much more than this.… Read More

The Wardrobe Detox

I’ve noticed that recently I’ve started doing that clichéd thing where I stand in front of my wardrobe and scream “I have nothing to wear!!!” in the most dramatic way possible.    I’ve gotten into the bad habit of not “shopping smart”.  By this I mean that I’ve had no real structure or purpose to… Read More