Blogger Profile – Little Miss Mon Bon

Little Miss Mon Bon, aka Monique Ceccato, is a beaming ray of sunshine on my daily Instagram scrolls.

I started following Monique earlier this year and was so inspired by her friendly & bubbly personality as well as her colourful and creative imagery.

You can tell by reading her blog that Monique is all bout experiencing life and having fun. But this Perth creative is not just ‘any other blogger’, she is a content creator, freelance writer and even takes the majority of the photographs on Little Miss Mon Bon herself thanks to the help of her creative eye and trusty tripod! – I was seriously blown away when I found this out.

Over on the Little Miss Mon Bon website you will find topics covering everything fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle.

Her blog is, as she describes it, ‘a space full of colour, fun, and experience’.

Head down below to read my interview with Monique as we discuss why she started Little Miss Mon Bon, and what inspires her colourful life.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your blog Little Miss Mon Bon.

I actually started my blog out of a ‘needs’ basis back in 2009. I was in a job interview for a PR and Marketing role and there were a lot of questions about things I didn’t know. One of the questions pertained to blogs and blogging, and I had no idea what one was.
After the interview, I was sure I wouldn’t get the job, but I decided to go home and teach myself about all of these things that I didn’t know about. And there began Little Miss Mon


  How would you describe your personal Style? 

It is an extension of my personality – bright, colourful and a little bit quirky 😉

 What are your top 5 wardrobe essentials?

In no particular order…
A red coat
Red lipstick
Some statement sunglasses
A pair of high waisted jeans
Some silk scarves

 What is the best style advice you have ever received?
Make it your own

 Where is the best place to shop in Perth?

There are a lot of great shopping centres around Perth, but I would have to say I most enjoy heading to Leederville and checking out the boutiques there. There is a good concentration of smaller retailers and you are guaranteed to find something quirky.

 Tell us about some of the people in the industry who inspire you and why?

I love Zanita Whittington. She is country WA girl like me, and she keeps it real. It is refreshing to follow girls that keep it real.

 What are 3 of your favourite resources that you turn to for inspiration?

Funnily enough, not Instagram.
I will always either go to the beach/jump in the shower if I want to think clearly and find inspiration. I also crank my favourite music as loud as possible or bounce ideas off friends and family.

  What’s involved in a typical day of blogging for you?
LOTS of emails! And once I feel like I have my emails (somewhat) under control, I move on to planning outfit shoots, actually going out and shooting (which I do all by myself), editing photos, putting together blog posts, writing for other people and paying some attention to my social media channels.

It’s amazing that you shoot all of your photographs yourself, Can you give us a little insight into that process?
I started shooting my own photos at the start of this year. I don’t have an insta-hubby at my disposal (he works full time and some, so our time together isn’t time to go and shoot. Although he does help out when we are travelling etc) and it was tough having to plan my shoots to fit in with other people. So I went out and purchased a tripod and a shutter trigger and started shooting myself! While it can be difficult to get certain shots, for the most part it works perfectly fine.
Normally I will just take my tripod out to a spot, set it up and hope that people don’t think I am super narcissistic for prancing around in front of a camera!

 What is your favourite part of blogging?

Being totally in control of my own work and creativity.

 What’s your favourite place in Perth?

The beach! We have an amazing coast line and I make the most of it!

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    Oh, I love her – I see what you mean about her IG feed! Geez I feel like the room would implode with you two in it – too much gorgeousness in one place! x

  • Oh thank you so much lady! This is so sweet and just the warm fuzzies I needed this Friday afternoon <3

  • Loved this!