Fashion Revolution Week – The Importance of Ethical Fashion

I love fashion. One of the reasons Lilt Blog exists is because I am extremely passionate about design, and about clothes. But a  sad truth, is that the fashion industry is one of the most exploitative and polluting industries in the world.

Over the past few years I have started to become more curious, and conscious of where I spend my money, and what brands I support. I aim to buy less, choose well and support local and international brands that align with my values.

Today marks the start of Fashion Revolution Week.  A global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, and more transparent fashion industry. And so this week I wanted to highlight some of the issues at hand and support the Fashion Revolution movement.

Fashion Revolution was born after the horrific event which took place at the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh on the 24th April 2013. Where an unsafe garment industry building collapsed killing 1,138 people and injuring another 2,500.  Making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history.

This is a disaster which should never have happened, the cost of fashion should never  be someoneโ€™s life. It is up to us, the consumers to stand up, speak up and demand change.

Fashion Revolution has created the #whomademyclothes campaign, which encourages everyday people to reach out to brands during Fashion Revolution Week (24-30th April) and to question where their clothes come from and who makes them.

It is a movement that demands the fair and safe working conditions for the people that are paying the price of fast fashion.

This week I will be discussing ethical fashion, tips for building a more ethical wardrobe, and highlighting some fantastic businesses (both local and international) who support the fashion revolution message and transparency in the supply chain.

If you’d like to learn more about Fashion Revolution week and the #whomademyclothes campaign please head to the Fashion Revolution website. I would also highly recommend that you please watch the documentary The True Cost, which gives a very honest and clear insight into the flawed system of fast fashion.

Let’s all be curious, find out, and do something.

  • Kat

    Fantastic article – thanks so much for sharing. I’m happy to say that I’ve given my shopping habits a makeover, only purchasing from brands approved via the Good For You app, but didn’t know about Fashion Revolution week! Will be sharing it now and hope we can all play a part in making big changes in the industry. x

  • Love this mindfulness about clothing Luciana. I have been conscious of shopping from my wardrobe this past year and I am eager to read more information about manufacturers who uphold ethical practices. As it is mostly women working in manufacturing, I feel strongly that we must make sure we are spending our money to make a difference.