• Thanks for sharing! Not many pieces that would suit my shape, but I love the aesthetic as a whole and am a sucker for a neutral palette. 😉

    • Hi Katherine,
      I often think the same thing as I have a very curvy body.
      Often I just try the items on and play with layering, belts, etc to make it suit my shape!
      And agree love a neutral classic!

  • Love this update. I really like the new Autumn/Winter collection it seems to filled with some timeless basics and the neutrals are everlasting. I don’t think I will be wearing shorts this winter though. Thanks for sharing! xx

    • Thanks Debra!
      I agree I get too cold to wear shorts in the colder months but I do love their overdosed shirts and beautiful knitwear!

  • Katie

    Love this whole aesthetic! definitely some great inspiration in this post!

    • Thanks Katie!
      I love Life with Bird’s aesthetic so much.
      Especially their L.W.B line it’s so modern & clean, but with a casual edge!

  • Nikita Hall

    I’m quite enjoying the cut of the oversized shirt and tunics! Can’t wait for their March runway 😍

    • Yes! I love the oversized shirt!
      I can’t wait to see their runway next week. Hopefully in person 😉