Lilt Loves – October / November 2016


Today I’m sharing the next instalment of Lilt Loves.  Here are some of the things I’ve been loving the last couple of months.


Kester Black’s Birthday Suit Collection – Last month Australian cosmetics label Kester Black teamed up with Trophy Wife  to create a set of beautiful nude nail colours.

For anyone who has ever wanted to try a nude nail, this is the perfect collection of six natural shades ranging from buff to chocolate that will compliment any skin tone and offer a perfectly elegant colour for every woman.

Shop the collection here

Chasing a Plate’s YouTube Channel – My gorgeous friends Sheena and Thomas from Chasing a Plate have recently packed their bags and set off on a world-wide adventure.

Currently making their way around South East Asia, the pair have started a YouTube channel to document their travels, and I am hooked on watching every instalment.

The videos are bite sized (anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes) but offer a lot of great tips on all things food and travel, including where to eat, what to see and how to get around whilst in South East Asia, coming soon South America… and I’m sure, inevitably the world!

I highly recommend you check out their YouTube channel here for some informational and entertaining vlogs.

Tash Sultana – Tash Sultana has been on repeat this week. I cannot get enough of this young Melbourne artist’s music.

She is a self-taught singer-songwriter and musician who at just twenty-one years of age, has completely taken the music scene by storm. She has made a name for herself busking on the streets of Melbourne and having homemade videos go viral like the one above.

I’m definitely going to keep my ears to the ground and catch one of her next gigs, Her music is edgy, raw and spine tingling beautiful.

Check out her website here


Everyday Good Co – I’ve recently been in touch with Cassandra Carbone, the director of Melbourne based social enterprise, Everyday Good Co.

Cassandra has just launched a range of three different types of bandages ClearNude and Emoji, which she is hoping  will not only cover and protect nicks and cuts for everyday Australians, but also help those in dire need around the world.

These cute bandages are latex free, biodegrade in 3-4 years and are made partly from recycled plastics. And the best part of covering your boo-boos with them is that half of sale profits also go to The Hunger Project Australia, an amazing charity that takes a sustainable approach to ending extreme hunger in third world countries.

To purchase, find stockists and learn more about the Everyday Good Co and The Hunger Project Australia check out the website here


Audible – I love to read a good book on my days off. But to be honest during the week I hardly have any time to stop and get into a juicy novel. That’s why I’ve been absolutely loving Audible, and audio book subscription service which I can listen to on the go (I’ve been enjoying my audio books whilst walking to and from work during the week)

For $14.95 a month you can choose from 200,000+ audio books including bestsellers and new releases.  I’m currently thoroughly enjoying “Bonkers” by Jennifer Saunders.

And you can try your first month for absolutely free by signing up here

I hope you enjoyed todays post! What have you been loving this past month? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

x Luciana