J.Crew Spring 2017


I know I’m usually all about sharing local fashion, but when J.Crew does it so god damn well how can I not share? How?!?

The J.Crew Spring 2017 collection is faaaah-reakin awesome. It balances basics and classics with statement pieces effortlessly and super successfully.

It is how I imagine I dress if I lived in my super successful, and stylish make-believe life inside my head. 

To be honest I haven’t really been doing a of a lot of shopping this year. Mostly because Grange and I have moved out and I’m concentrating more on purchasing homewares, but also because I am trying to be more conscious of only buying garments that a) I absolutely love, b) will get a lot of wear out of, and c) aren’t going to go out of style in 6.8 seconds. It has to tick all three boxes, otherwise I’m out.

J.Crew are masters at ticking all three boxes.  Style your classics (t-shirts, shirts, stripes, and denim), with drama, fun and flair (ruffles, sequins, pleats and ties) and voila you have the perfect chic combinations. You can mix and match until your hearts content. It can go from casual to business, to glam in an instant.

What do you think? Do you like the styling and versatility of J Crews Spring 2017 collection?

Images via Vogue Runway  – view the whole collection here

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