Vinnies Winter Warm Up

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I’m shocking! I hate winter, I really really hate the cold. And I go on about it an awful lot. Definitely too much for someone who is lucky enough to afford winter clothing to keep me warm.

But as the weather gets colder in the next few months, there are many Australian’s who cannot afford the luxury of warm winter clothes and so Vinnies shops are doing something about it.

Vinnies is asking all Victorians to look at what’s been hibernating in their wardrobe and to donate at least one piece of warm winter clothing for the very first Vinnies Winter Warm-Up.

Every winter Vinnies Shops experience a shortage of quality winter woollies and when the cold weather hits, many stores struggle to keep up with demand.

It is very common for people to donate winter goods at the end of the season, as we all start to spring clean, but what about all the unworn winter woolies hiding in the back of our cupboards right now?

Whatever it may be, an unworn cardigan, scarf, jacket or gloves, you can feel good knowing that all donated goods are either given directly to those in need or sold in Vinnies Shops where profits support people in need.

I’m taking part of the Vinnies Winter Warm up this year!  I’ve just completed my usual seasonal Wardrobe Clean-out (which you can too) and will be donating some quality unworn pieces to help someone keep warm this winter, and I’d love for you to do it too!

Don’t forget to take a snap of your donations and share on social media! Make sure you tag me and use the hashtag  #VinniesWarmUp to share the love. I’ll be doing the same this week!

Or simply leave a comment below!

A single winter woolly can make the world of difference, so please take the time to donate at your local Vinnies Shop today.

x Luciana

***EDIT Sunday 17th July 2016***

Yesterday afternoon Grange and I dropped by Vinnies in Hawthorn to drop off some warm winter goodies for those in need! A jacket, jumpers, wool skirt, scarves and beanies were in our little donation bag.

It’s almost like the universe was thanking us for doing a good deed, Whilst we were at the store we were lucky enough to spot a cute little bar cart, which is an item we’ve been on the look out for a while now. Score!

So go on, maybe the universe will reward you at your next Vinnies visit. Dig deep and donate any unwanted winter woolies at your local Vinnies store today!

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  • Such a great cause to support Luci – you’ve given me a very timely reminder to clean out my knits drawer and donate the pieces I no longer need. x

    • Thanks Belinda! Such a great cause! I just edited my post as i visited Vinnies on the weekend and dropped off some goodies!
      I feel like we even got rewarded by the universe as we found a little bar cart to take home with us at the store! SCORE!
      Thanks for taking interest in Vinnies Winter Warm Up 🙂