The Bridesmaids


One of the great things about getting married is that you have the power to get all your besties together in one place pretty much whenever you want. A power I really didn’t exploit enough in hindsight 😛

There’s nothing I love more than getting together with my favourite people, and as you know I’m quite the lover of fashion, so I was definitely bound to love shopping for bridesmaid dresses.

My side of the bridal party included 3 bridesmaids, my sister Mariana, my closest gal pals Mia and Beth, and 1 “bridesman”, my best friend since high-school Yianni (who was of course getting a suit with the boys)

Given that my chosen company are pretty chilled individuals, we didn’t have much trouble finding dresses we loved. But the issue was that I had a very clear colour palette in mind.

Coral, blush and mint…

We could have gone to any reproduction bridesmaid shop around and found said colour combination in an array of styles if we wanted, but as I mentioned earlier it was very important to Grange and I that we support local designers and suppliers wherever possible.

And so I reached out to one of my favourite Australian labels, Kuwaii to produce custom dresses for the girls.

I love that each of the girls chose their own style of dress, and that the selection of colours complimented their different personal styles.  After all, every single one of these ladies is wonderfully unique.


L-R – Beth, Maz, Yianni, moi, Zulma (mum), and Mia – Thank you to my beautiful posse, I love you guys so much!

Bridesmaid dresses by Kuwaii, girls dressing gowns by Squeak Design, jewellery by Sally Rose & Maree Wallis, Flowers by Looseleaf, hair by Kristianna Michaleides, make up by Elliott Steele 

Photos by Luke Going