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It’s kind of weird running a blog sometimes, shooting out emails to people I’ve never met, and essentially communicating and getting to know someone from behind a computer screen.

Sometimes I can write an entire post never having met the person on the other end. Although I try to avoid this wherever possible. I find that getting to know the people I am interviewing face to face and generating original imagery for the blog has become increasingly important to me, and so I usually like to meet the people I interview in real life and have a chat over a coffee or a vino if I’m lucky 😛

It’s so nice to experience a sense of familiarity when I do finally meet up with the person I’m featuring. And it’s always a relief when the person is approachable, positive and easy to talk to. Melbourne Illustrator Meg Kolac was a perfect example of the ideal “I’ve never met you before” coffee date companion. Very real, friendly and just inspiring to talk to.

Meg graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) in 2010, and now creates artworks with a strong focus on fashion illustration.  Her artworks which are framed by bold graphic lines and almost always accompanied by expressive splashes of colour, have been featured in the likes of Inpress Magazine, VAMFF and The Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Currently Meg is taking a bit of time out to work on a few new projects, and I simply cannot wait to see what she has in store for us… so watch this space. But meanwhile, check out my interview with Meg below.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you into illustration and painting?

I love Fashion Illustration and design! I have worked as a kidswear designer and now moving into activewear and I have just completed a semester teaching Digital Fashion Illustration at RMIT.

I design and make the performance outfits for Melbourne band, The Twoks as well as the promotional artwork. I have a children’s book in the pipeline and a bunch of exciting new projects forever up my sleeves! I didn’t mean to get into art! …but I love it!

How would you describe your work?

I like to draw fun and bright fashionable figures and I love to use colour. I try to bring a feeling of joy and movement to every piece.

Can you give us some insight into your process? 

I like to use Gouache and inks.  I have tried a bunch of different materials including painting on canvas and illustration board however I am currently really enjoying a bit of the thick watercolour paper. I love that I can create something soft on such a rough surface.

I love making lists, so yes, I like to have a plan of attack. However, I am also impatient so I usually end up just trying to wing it. I used to go through a lot of sketch paper when coming up with ideas, however I now like to use the computer to help map out an illustration or a series of drawings.

What inspires your artworks?

People, textiles, the city, odd colour combinations, family, friends, sometimes it’s the silly faces I can pull myself.

What are 3 of your favourite online resources which you look to for inspiration?

There are so many places to find beautiful images online nowadays like Instagram and Pinterest, and some great fashion, art and design blogs keep popping up all the time.  Decoy magazine blog is one of my faves!

Tell us about some of the people who inspire you and why?

I wish it wasn’t predictable to say “my family”, but they are the most amazing bunch of people I know…I tried to explain why but there are too many things and words don’t do them justice. They’re just the best! That’s all.

…and then there’s also Rene Gruau. Amazing.

If you could create an artwork for anyone in the world, who would it be? What would your dream project be?

I haven’t been able to hang a piece of my own art in my room. If I do, I find all the bits that I don’t like. I think it would be a huge achievement to paint something for myself that I liked. But then again, maybe not, because then I would be too content and therefore my creative journey over?

I would like to sketch front row at Paris Fashion Week, though!

Your favourite place in Melbourne?


  • Gosh this art is GORGEOUS – so talented Meg! Love how joyful it is. Thanks for introducing us to another great artist Luci! Love these brave creative souls! x

    • luciana

      Thanks Andrea!
      I absolutely love Meg’s work. Cannot wait to have one of her pieces in my house soon… as soon as i move out 😛