My Top 5 Winter Beauty Essentials

We’re truly in the midst of winter, so I’ve taken a little time to prepare a beauty shopping list.
The colder weather plays havoc with my skin, and so I have no choice but to be a little more attentive when it comes to my winter beauty regimen (which is otherwise usually quite low-key)

For me, the focus is on moisturising and nourishing products that can see me through the chilly months.


Flick through the slider above for my top 5 winter beauty essentials.

Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment – Throughout all other seasons I love using Aesop’s Mandarin Moisturiser, but during winter it is much to light for my skin, so I mix it with a little Damascan Rose Oil to make a richer and more nourishing lotion. Smells absolutely divine, and you can apply it directly to any particularly dry areas if you need a bit of extra potency.

Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment – Of course I had to add this one in, but it really is a must have of mine. I use it as the obvious lip balm, but also if I’ve had a cold which has left my nose all red and flaky, I’ll pop a thin layer of this on at night to heal and add moisture back instantly. Looks a bit silly but works a treat!

Frank Body Scrub – This is without a doubt one of my year round must haves, but particularly useful in winter to buff away blemishes and dry areas, and leave your skin polished and silky smooth. You can follow up with a body moisturiser to add more moisture but I find that the oil used in the scrub leaves my skin silky enough.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – As I get older I understand more and more the importance of a good hand cream. I usually forget to pop hand cream on, but in winter I definitely crave it. This is the best I’ve ever tried. Rich but not greasy and smells delicious.

KMS California Moist Repair Revival Creme – I have curly hair, which frizzes up a storm in winter. and now that I have lightened my hair slightly I find I really need the extra moisture.  This cream is great to use as a leave in conditioner , and mixes really well with other styling products to keep my hair, healthy, strong and shiny.

Do you find that the change of weather means a change of beauty products in your routine?  What is your must have winter product?