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Here at Lilt Blog we love hearing about new and exciting products and services. We love creative businesses that do things a little bit differently, that push the limits, and especially those that promote Australian brands.

We often post interviews with designers and artists because we believe in engaging in conversation, in getting an insight into the worlds of creative businesses and being inspired by interesting people and their ideas. is an innovative, new online video selling platform that is designed to do just that – help people sell and buy online in a more personal, engaging and interactive way.

Far from your run of the mill online store, Pitchi allows sellers to upload videos and “pitch” their products to a massive audience of early adopters and trend seekers, giving small businesses, designers and startups the opportunity to tell their stories, communicate what inspires them, or even demonstrate how a product is crafted and made.

It is an exciting opportunity for designers  wanting to forge a more personal connection with customers, which is more often than not missing in the online retail world.

As a consumer, myself I find this platform extremely exciting. Not only are you able to easily purchase products from the comfort of your own home (in jammies & with a cup of tea of course), but also take a peek behind the scenes and gain a greater appreciation to what has inspired your new purchase.

I’m very excited for Pitchi, as I think it is a great way for buyers and sellers to support each other in the online retail space – and that is pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Check out some of my favourite videos and products from by clicking on the links below!

Fun, food inspired jewellery by EAT.ME.DO

Eat Me Do

Click here for video

These hilariously educational Squeak Design videos (who have been featured on Lilt before), teaching ladies and gents how to style their scarves and pocket squares:

Squeak Scarf

click here for video

Squeak Pocket Square

click here for video

A beautiful insight into a man-made Farrah wallet:

Farrah Wallet

click here for video

An inspiring look into the ethical fashion label of Jacob and Esau:

Jacob and Esau

click here for video

Everybody knows I love a good candle! I think these will become a new favourite. Cool textile packaging and hand poured in Melbourne!!!

Grace and James

click here for video

  • Pitchi sounds great. I find myself so much more connected with and loyal to a brand if I know a bit about the behind-the-scenes stuff and can put faces to a brand. Great post!

    • luciana

      Thanks Chasing a Plate.
      I definitely agree that I am much more loyal to brands I feel connected to.
      Pitchi is definitely doing their bit to connect customers to businesses!

  • Rebecca Chesser

    What a lovely platform to connect and engage with small businesses and brands!

    • luciana

      I agree Rebecca,
      And it’s so fun watching the videos and learning who’s behind the businesses

  • Grange Wallis

    Thanks for the heads up. I think maybe ought to signup with them too…

    • luciana

      You absolutely should Grange!
      The way of the future!

  • Jayne Branchflower

    Awesome way to bring back some of the intimacy to shopping online! I think a lot of that has been lost since this technology has been created! Great idea Pitchi, great post lilt blog!

    • luciana

      Thanks Jayne!
      Loved writing this post so much because i strongly believe in the connections between creatives and their customers!
      Definitely more intimacy than your average online store!

  • Thomas Southam

    Love the sound of it. Great to learn about it!

    • luciana

      Thanks Thomas. Pretty cool concept huh?

      x Luci