Designer Profile – Sally Rose

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Today’s designer profile is on Australian bespoke jewellery label Sally Rose.

The label was founded by designer Sally Rose, whilst she was living in London back in 2009, but she has recently relocated back to Melbourne where she designs and produces her stunning collections.

Sally graduated with a degree in Visual Arts, majoring in Sculpture, and has an extensive background in fine jewellery design. It is this combined experience that gives her pieces a balance of beauty, individuality, boldness and quality.

Growing up with mixed Indian and European heritage, Sally spent her childhood playing dress ups in her Anglo-Indian Grandmother’s 1930’s wardrobe. An experience, which created an appreciation for ornate fashion from an early age, and now is evident in her strong and substantial designs.

When I asked Sally to tell me about the label’s style she described it as “a mixture of Sci-fi film meets 90’s grunge with Art Deco motifs” (makes me want to weep with happiness)

Pieces often include a mixture of metals, leather, studs and /or jewels, which make for a bold statement, but always with glimpses of delicate detailing to polish the look.

 Since meeting Sally last year, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of her new collection “Nero”, a collaboration with best friend, and fellow creative Lindelux, which Sally describes as being inspired by a concoction of 80’s electronica, Modernist architecture and style icons and artists such as Grace Jones and Iman.

A gorgeous collection showcasing clean lines and fluid materials that sculpt to the body, convey strength, diversity and empowerment.

The Nero collection is now live on the Sally Rose website – make sure you take a look! And check out my interview with the talented and inspiring Sally herself, below.

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Designer Sally Rose


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Sally Rose Jewellery came about?

I’m an Australian Jewellery Designer, based in Melbourne, with a background in fine Jewellery and Visual Arts. For my course I majored in Sculpture and after completing my degree, I decided to use my artistic skills and explore the Jewellery industry as I’d always been fascinated with Jewellery since I was a child. Jewellery is also somewhat miniature sculptures, so the transition just made sense. I then travelled through India and Europe, where I have mixed heritage from, and lived in London for a few years. This is where I became completely inspired by different cultures and styles of Jewellery, so I started creating pieces and the Label was born.

 What inspires your design and creative decisions?

I think a lot of it comes naturally. I was always known growing up as being a day-dreamer and would be constantly sketching and doodling away in a notebook, a lot of the time subconsciously. So it’s been a matter of using that process to create an initial idea and then breaking it down. Ideas generally come from a song, image or shape, then manifest.

 What is your favourite part of the design process?

Different parts of the process are exciting. The initial concept sketches are really fluid and fun especially as you can see a piece coming to life, even if it is just on paper. Then to the sourcing, trialling and making which can be challenging, through to the final piece which is always rewarding, especially if you know you’ve nailed it!

 How would you describe your personal style?

My style is fairly eclectic. I love fashion but try to avoid following the crowd. I don’t like to feel stock standard. I’ll dress mainly classic, with a mix of new and vintage but will generally have something statement on, whether it be jewellery and (or) shoes. I’m a sucker for denim though, in all shades.

 What are 5 essentials in your wardrobe?

A great pair of jeans (or three!), leather biker jacket, brogues, my killer YSL wedding shoes and always a cocktail ring.

 Name some of the people who inspire you and why?

In terms of fashion, Yves Saint Laurent  and Jean Paul Gaultier are inspirations. YSL for his clean lines and ambiguous cuts and JPG’s use of shapes that sculpt to the body is constantly impressive, they both balance masculinity and femininity so well. Phillippe Starck is another huge inspiration, across all facets, whether it’s interior, industrial design or architecture, he’s so innovative, clever and practical, it’s mind blowing. The French really do design well. Also artists such as Prince, Madonna and more recently Beyonce, all have a knack of reinventing themselves.

 If you could design a piece of jewellery for anyone in the world, who woud it be? And what would you design?

Most likely Beyonce. She’s current, constantly fresh and exceptionally talented, what’s not to love! I’d either create a full body piece or a massive cocktail ring.

 What are the top 3 resources which you turn to for inspiration?

For initial inspiration Music, books and different cultures. For materials, hardware stores, markets, op-shops and vintage stores.

 What is the best place to shop in Melbourne/London?

Australia has a wealth of incredible designers. Sass and Bide, Gorman and Ellery have always been favourites. But more specifically to Melbourne, Assin only Collins Street is a cool store which showcases a great mix of fashion, Art and architecture. The Camberwell Market has been a longtime fave as well. For London, Brick Lane and Spitalfield Market for vintage finds, Notting Hill has a few great spots for vintage designer treats and a mooch around Harvey Nichols in central London is always a bit of fun.

 What is next for the label? Where do you see the brand going in the future?

There’s exciting things on the cards for the label. I’ve just worked on a collaboration with a fellow Jewellery Designer/ DJ called Lindelux. The collection is called ’Nero’ and is inspired by 80’s electronica and muses such as Grace Jones and Iman. I’m also working on a bridal collection which will merge my background of fine Jewellery with the diversity of the costume jewellery, with a custom-made component. And a capsule collection of cocktail rings will launch early next year. 

 Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to start his or her own Jewellery business?

I live and breathe Jewellery, so passion for what you do is integral. If you want to start your own Jewellery business you need to be innovative, original, patient and work your pants off. Enjoying the journey is prime too.