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Photos by The Animal Orchestra

The other day one of my friends asked me to recommend some of the blogs I follow, as she wanted some new inspiration.  I follow hundreds of blogs (no exaggeration), but I definitely have my favourites, which i look forward to with each new post. So I thought it would be a great idea to also share some of these favourites with you all.

First up, this month, is one of my favourite Australian blogs The Animal Orchestra by the lovely Nadia Bailey.  Although Nadia’s style is very different to my own, I find it extremely inspiring. Flick through the pages of her blog, and you will see there is a very strong black theme in her styling.  A great amount of minimalist garments mixed with the most exquisite chunky Mania Mania jewellery, and interesting hair pieces.  She really has a way of making her outfits her own, I love how a delicate Lover dress suddenly becomes more edgy and original in the way she wears it! Not to mention, she also has the most beautiful photography.

Nadia was kind enough to answer a few questions for LiLT. Thanks again Nadia, I look forward to many more of your posts! xo Luciana

How long ago did you start “The Animal Orchestra”, and what made you want to do it?
The blog has had a couple of incarnations, but the version that you see now came about in May 2010, just after I moved from Melbourne to Sydney. I’d finished my university degree and wasn’t quite sure how to get where I wanted to go – namely, the fashion industry – so I started my blog as a way to explore my interest both in fashion and writing. It’s also a somewhat selfish exercise – a place to indulge in writing about the ideas and aesthetics that interests me.

How did you choose the name of the blog?
I liked the way the words sound together – it’s an oddly evocative phrase. The Animal Orchestra is also the name of a cafe and the title of a children’s story book.

How would you describe your personal Style?
I have two conflicting facets in me: there’s the me that wants to dress in sleek minimalism (leather, clean lines and simplicity; Rick Owens and Dion Lee) and the me that wants to draw on a dreamy, romantic aesthetic (lace, wide-brimmed hats, ornate jewellery; Lover The Label and ManiaMania). Sometimes I struggle to reconcile these two aspects, but I’m learning to embrace both!

What are the top 5 things you think are absolutely essential in ones wardrobe?
I can’t really speak to what is essential in other people’s wardrobes, but for me, the following are key: a pair of leather leggings, cropped at the ankle; a plain white t-shirt; a pair of ankle boots both beautiful and functional; a piece of jewellery that has been created especially for you and a tube of MAC Russian Red lipstick.

What is your favourite part of blogging? The community – I have met so many amazing people through blogging (shout out to my girl Alicia at Sea of Ghosts!), and it’s constantly rewarding to connect with people here and all over the world.