Mania Mania

Isn’t this necklace amazing??? I have been searching for the perfect tassel necklace for quite a while now (I saw a girl wearing a gorgeous one almost 2 years ago), but until now had not found one that I really loved. Probably because i had a very particular size and look in mind. But ahhh…here it is, the beautiful Cosmos Necklace by Mania Mania.

I love the proportion between the chain length, chunky tassel pendant and the delicate Art Nouveau inspired border. Check out their new collection “The Astral Plane” which is available to purchase online here
Also Broadsheet Melbourne told me that they are holding a pop up sale with Ellery in Melbourne this weekend. Check out Sale details here 

images from the mania mania website
  • ManiaMania pieces are always so special and delightfully substantial. I have the Valentine pendant with the same herringbone chain.

    • Hi Lucinda! I love your blog by the way, been following it for a while now 🙂
      How fantastic is that chain???…. Their jewellery has such beautiful details
      I’m definitely thinking i need to purchase this necklace this week